Corporate History

A Master Plan for a National Park in the Dominican Republic

Brochure on coordinated efforts to Assist High Risk Youth

Report to the Congress on AID-Peace Corps Cooperation

A bus for Special Olympics in Jamaica


Benchmarks' services span over four decades. Some signature examples follow:

In the 70's Benchmarks' created a foundation in the Dominican Republic and organized youth programs in the U.S.

In the 80's we pioneered efforts to combine Peace Corps and AID resources to achieve greater impact in developing countries.

In the 90's Benchmarks designed and implemented a program for Motor Coach Industries international that donated used motor coaches to non-profit organizations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Also in the 90's, Benchmarks provided staff support to the Food Aid Consultative Group, a forum created by the Congress for agricultural producers, private voluntary agencies and government entities to share ideas and information about the U.S. Food for Peace Program.

Benchmarks Corporate History


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